Professional Internet Firms and Website Monitoring:

A Perfect Match?

Professional Internet firms such as Web design companies, search engine optimization firms and online advertising agencies who stand to benefit from website monitoring are actively pushing its benefits to clients and buyers, hoping to expand their service offerings and capitalize on additional revenue streams. According to a report from the Register in the UK, website downtime cost over $500 million back in 2002 and the downtime epidemic is even worse now as more and more inexperienced start-up hosts and resellers have entered the industry. As such, providers in the website monitoring industry are seeing gains in distribution partners at a rapid pace.

While much of the growth is expected to be driven by large firms, more and more boutique agencies, both media buyers and SEMs, are getting into the game. InternetSupervision works directly hundreds of agencies and professional firms, including, a high-end paid search management outlet. "Lots of agencies are being challenged to constantly move the bar for ROI. By incorporating a service which secure their market availability, reduce support troubles and establishes a solid platform for good customer relations, we're able to help create a quantifiable ROI that can increase conversions in addition to the other numerous benefits, such as the lower cost of dispute resolution" said SearchLeads PPC Director Cristina Monteverde.

These other benefits are what is really attracting the general community of website owners to actively monitor their Web presence.

Marketing The Concept of Availability
Professional firms are increasingly marketing the concept of availability. Web hosts are a prime candidate to private label or simply resell website monitoring services as the availability of websites (as well as online advertising availability) is an important consideration for media buyers and site owners. Without 100% availability, clients of professional Internet firms such as SEOs, SEMs, Web design outlets and Web hosting companies are not getting their money's worth. Professional firms such as those listed can market the concept of availability by not only stating claims but making those claims tangible and and proven by utilizing reports provided by website monitoring firms which verify claims of availability through the use of on-site reports.

Web site monitoring reduces technical support work-load
What is attractive to most web hosting providers is that just by using a third party website monitoring service, phone calls and emails about a clients website accessibility directed to a  web host's technical support department can be reduced dramatically just by keeping users abreast of uptime status. Real time notification eliminates the need for calls in many cases by showing in real time the actual status. Most support calls step not from a lack of availability on the part of the ISP or web host, but rather the connection issues related to the user directly.

Web site monitoring reduces cost:
Monitoring the availability of client sites can greatly reduce costs for both your enterprise and you clients'. Since it typically costs more to attract new clients that keep an existing one (unless you lost them and then it's even more costly to reacquire them) website monitoring is not only good customer relations but also helps reduce the burden of dispute resolution should issues occur - and they often do. Website monitoring creates an atmosphere of open communication which results in the establishment of good customer relations and fewer legal issues when it comes to breach of contract because you have legitimate proof from an independent third party. Using a third party website monitoring company

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