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# 6 International Phone Format

Phone numbers must be in the International Format: Country Code, Network prefix or Area code without the leading "0", Number, no spaces, no dashes, no plus signs, only numerals.


U.K. Mobile Number Format: 448311234567 (Country Code = 44, network prefix / area code = 831, number = 1234567)

USA Mobile Number Format: 12481234567 (Country Code = 1, network prefix / area code = 248, number = 1234567)

The number in the UK (+44) 0848 9123 456 becomes 448489123456

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# 30 URL or Host to Monitor

You should set this value to the exact URL when monitoring HTTP Headers or HTTP/S service.

NOTE: You must include the http:// or https://.
Below are a few examples of valid URL values:


When monitoring SMTP, FTP, POP3, etc. services, you should set this value to the exact host name (or IP) of the server on which this particular service is running.

Below are a few examples of valid HOST values:


NOTE: You should never monitor your services using a non-static IP address. If the IP address changes, our monitoring system will not be able to contact the service and will report a failure.

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# 29 Port

When using the TCP Port service, you should set the "Port" value to the TCP/IP port that you want to monitor. When using any of the other services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, etc.), the "Port" value is automatically set the the default port of the monitored service (e.g. 25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3) and cannot be changed.

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# 7 Premium Features

In order to assign SMS or voice contacts to a monitored service, the service needs to be created with the Premium Features enabled. You cannot enabled/disable the Premium Features once the service was created. The Premium Features can be disabled or enabled only when creating the service for the first time. Therefore, if you created a service without Premium Features, and now want to add SMS or voice contacts, you should create a new service with Premium Features enabled, and delete the old service.

NOTE: InternetSupervision pricing is based on the number of "checks". The price-per-check of a service with Premium Features is higher than the price-per-check of a service without the Premium Features. Thus, you should only create a service with Premium Features, if you are planning to add SMS or voice contacts to that service.

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# 22 Estimated Next Charge

The approximate number of days (or months) before your "Available Balance" reaches zero. This value is based on your current "Estimated Monthly Price". InternetSupervision will automatically charge your credit card when your "Available Balance" approaches zero - less than 5 days remaining.

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# 16 HTTP Headers

HTTP HEAD Request. This is the only service type that is available to the FREE monitoring accounts. You can use this service to monitor your HTTP (not HTTPS) URLs. Our monitoring station will attempt to connect to your URL and issue a HEAD request to download only the http headers (e.g. HTTP/1.1 200 OK, Server:, Last-Modified:, Content-Type:, Content-Length:, etc) and not the actual page contents. The system will follow at most 5 automatic redirects (status code 302).

HTTP Headers service cannot be used if you want to look for specific expected and/or unexpected text in the content of the web page. If you need this functionality you will need to upgrade your account and use the HTTP/S service.The monitoring station's browser identifier (HTTP_USER_AGENT value) will be set to "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; UrlMonitor)".

The referrer of the monitoring request (HTTP_REFERER value) will be "". The IP address will be different depending on which geographic location is making the request. A request that does not respond within 30 seconds will be considered to have "failed".

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