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# 43 - What’s the best way for me to find the answer to my question using your FAQ system?

There is no one best way to search our FAQ system. Since all of the questions we have received from users of our service are listed in the FAQ database, you will certainly find the answer you are looking for. The FAQ database has three ways to find your question's answer:

When you enter into the FAQ system, you are immediately provided with a top level of categories that contain the subjects that are most frequently asked. Just click on the category where you think your answer might be, and a list of questions will appear according to the frequency with which they are asked.

Located in the menu on every page is the "Search" option. To use this function, just enter terms or keywords that describe your problem, for example, "form," and the top answers to your questions will appear listed by the frequency with which they are asked.

Top FAQs:
Users are also able to learn from other users of our FAQ system. Select "Top FAQs" from the menu bar located on each page, and two options will appear--the most searched and the most visited questions and categories.

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