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Checks Website Performance from Multiple Locations Around the World
Monitoring your website's uptime is imperative to the success of your online endeavors. While it's important to know if your website is running and your host is providing a good service, it’s even more important to be proactive about getting it back online fast so you don’t lose search engine position, miss out on possible revenue or blow your advertising budget.

InternetSupervision™ is a service that monitors the availability of HTML, FTP, SMTP, POP3 email servers), supervises the performance of website and ecommerce transactions (including website forms) and provides website content supervision (cyber-attack monitoring).

For as little as $2.95 per month InternetSupervision checks the availability of your website from our UL approved offices with 24/7 personnel in Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Santiago, Chile. We also have remote check points in Sydney, Australia and Gloucester, UK.

InternetSupervision™ can monitor all the components that assure you of the proper availability and performance of your website and its services and alert you by email, phone, text or voice messaging based on the depth of your network service plan.

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