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October 12th, 2005 - Website Uptime Report:

Display the percentage of website uptime directly within your website pages.

The new website "Uptime Report" from InternetSupervision enables members to displays a graphic on their website which shows interested parties the percentage of uptime for a specific webpage. Based on the number of "checks" performed by InternetSupervision, the report is immensely valuable for those requiring proof of uptime - specifically those in advertising sales, media buying or business development teams interested in the readiness of sites with whom they are associated. The website Uptime Report shows availability information for the past six months, the month to date, the last 30 days, the last 7 days and the same day. The report is free for six months to all general (non-paying) InternetSupervision members and is free to paying members for the duration of their InternetSupervision account. Those InternetSupervision users interested in the report can access the necessary code from the main menu within their account or under the available "reports" tab.

Sample Report:


To get the Uptime Report for your website, sign up for an InternetSupervision account.